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Kampagne Fairtrade Town

Opening of the Bierkeller (beergardens)

22th + 23th of April 2017 ● The opening of the beergarden season

Saturday + Sunday from 11.00 am

Daily between 11 am and 9 pm the beer gardens are open for beer, food and entertainment. Whatever you like, delicious roasted meats and a variety of vegetarian food is available.

The "Bierkeller" are known in English as beergardens. As soon as the weather allows, around the middle of April, then everyone looks forward to going - as the saying goes - up the Keller "nauf die Keller".

The highlight of the Bierkeller season is the local Annafest which takes place around St. Anna`s day on 26 July. For the last 170 years this has been taking place in the shady oak woods on Forchheim`s Kellerberg.


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