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Easter in Forchheim

Easter period in Forchheim

April 8th to April 22th, 2017

Trips to the most beautiful Osterbrunnen (Easter wells) in the Franconian Switzerland with an experienced tour guide:
(region of Northern Bavaria, Germany - the Franconian Switzerland)

Easter Well Tour (for groups)

Easter Well Tour on April 15th, 2017
(for individual guests)



The tradition of the Easter fountain adorning
The decoration of the Easter wells, perhaps the most charming custom in the Fränkische Schweiz, has experienced a great revival in the last few years and has become a popular attraction.

People are now interested in how long this tradition existed and how it came about. The tradition`s origin cannot be determined exactly. The area in which it began can be narrowed down to the central region of the Fränkische Schweiz.

The main reason for decorating the wells and springs lies primarily in the significance of water as the life-giving element. Generally women labourly carried the drinking water from the sources to the plateaux of the franconian mountains.

As mentioned above, it is not possible to say exactly when this custom started. Word of mouth has placed the tradition at around the beginning of the 20th Century - for example, well decorating started in Aufseß around 1909 and in Engelhardsberg around 1914. The custom disappeard after World War 2, a primarily due to the installation of the central water supply system. At the beginning of the 1980`s there was an intensive revival of the decoration of Easter wells and in 1986 there were 226 Easter wells at 169 locations.

The tradition of decorating an Easter well starts with the cleaning of the well, called "Sweeping". In the past young men of the community did the cleaning. Nowadays its done by the women supported by their husbands.

Real blown eggs, either painted or in one colour with decorative designs will hung up on a special formed evergreen.


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