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Kampagne Fairtrade Town

Round trip through historic downtown and beer garden tour with beer tasting

The tour starts with a round trip through Forchheim`s historic downtown. By car or bus it is then on to the Forchheim Kellerwald to visit the Felsenkeller. Here you will get interesting information how the rock paths developed and about the beer and brewing tradition in Forchheim. After that beer tasting and a heartly meal will be offered. In close contact with reality you will learn about the differences between the varous kinds of beer. A social ending is guaranteed.

3 hours

€ 80.00 in German
€ 90.00 in English

Beer tasting and meal € 10.50 per person

If you come without a car there will be a charge for the bus ticket.

Groups up to max. 30 persons (several groups are possible)

Meeting Point:
Town Hall Forchheim

January - December
(Exception: Not available 3 days prior the Annafest, during the Festival and the following 3 days)

Tour organiser

General Terms and Conditions
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