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Half-timbered Trail - Tours through a unique ensemble of beautiful half-timbered houses

Forchheim`s old town has an unusual amount of half-timbered houses that go back to the 14th century. These houses, which are in exceptionally good condition, are situated very close together and so here is an unusual opportunity to witness in one place the development of the art of building half-timbered houses through the different ages. By dendrochronology (tree-ring dating) it has been possible to date exactly a number of the houses. The results of this study is the foundation for the idea behind the Half-timbered Trail. Let yourself be led into the history of the franconian half-timbered house in all its impressive beauty!

1 ½ hours

€ 45.00 in German

Groups up to max. 30 persons (several groups are possible)

Meeting Point:
Town Hall Forchheim

January - December

Tour organiser:

Terms and conditions:
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